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Some of the most amazing moped and scoot riding in London. Check it out here. Align:start when I’m reading I’m just in my own world nothing has thought that people will be next to you saying I guess police there you’re just like me just in your zone and you just love it nothing matters forget about anything feel like your flight specially you’re standing on  the seat young boys on mopeds get a lot of stick in the UK mocked for their fifty CC engines embarrassing our plate and a sound which resembles a dying hairdryer the scene is nothing more than an immature nuisance but these kids which you see is terrorizing the roads are actually underground superstars of the streets with thousands of followers on Instagram internet celebrity status and recognized as serious riders by the US bite lysine this mode of transport usually associated with grunting prepubescent boys is cement in the UK as a serious contender in the bite life scene taken a leaf from a hugely popular US counterpart the London boys have started self publicizing through Instagram organizing huge ride outs and even have their own merchandise when I was growing up mopeds or something got when you were like 1617 to hang outside the kebab shop or go up and down the high street but now there’s this group of young people in the UK that turned in that rite of passage into a lifestyle kind of like a mod revival except this time they’re wearing track keys and got man bags with my nostalgia for Pep Boys getting a better of me I went out to meet with young ped riders respected leaders and Instagram stars of the London contingent to find out if bite life can truly exist in the UK or if it’s just a medium for I drove to brims down the quiet industrial estate in North London to meet a group of young riders on a warm-up for one of their big riders I’d arranged to meet ash aka really kid aka ash 946 on insta co-founder of moped Facebook group UK Razer up to introduce me to some of the bullies so it’s like a warm-up for tomorrow I don’t know early it’s more of a socialising like like a chill out calm before the storm we’ll be F for like two hours and then get moved on and then we’ll end up tearing up the roads in trouble with it look how safe is there’s no cars up and down they still wanna kick us off Fink was in their trouble they see us as a hairdryer on the very yeah definitely your bike when you’re riding rethinking is like freedom just escaping from what that you’re thinking about kind of like when yummy mummies do yoga all right my father goes to a yummy mummy yoga class yeah no I don’t mind riding I felt like I was back at school again these are exactly like the boys I remember keep bashful banter diamond studs and wet lips gel so wanted to go the back of a Paris I was like 16 and now I’ve just done it loved it I can’t get my helmet off we were like Kim and Kanye Asch invited me to see the garage where he builds his suit after bikes from scratch famously known as the ash man specials fresh tires no charge you know how we do this is where the magic happens yeah you’ve been involved in UK raise it up for how long it started off I think about a year ago one of my mates he organised a ride out from that it sort of blew up there was loads of bikes and I’m on my youtube channel I put a few videos up and I literally got so many views I said to Jake like look what I’m going to do I’m going to make a page on Facebook it does appeal quite a lot to the younger kids they want little bit of freedom easiest thing to do is go and get your provisional for some L plates on your bike and ride some people do Drive dangerous but we’ve got to just advise the young a lot to calm down a bit hope that no accidents happen now I’d say I’m at that point where pretty much sensible until I can’t help myself this is my bike can be read on there sassy I literally build him from frame-up words I’ve got this nice shiny exhaust the blow flames no doesn’t blow flames unfortunately the next step you need to up your game people know who I am so I’ll pull up on my bike they’ve seen loads of pictures through Instagram Facebook in there that’s my baby watch this space have you ever had people trying to steal them before I did have a bike unfortunately a lot of guys came you know and kicked off the door with guns they knew who I was fetching they said to me was where’s your white keys they stole my bike they took it but I build another one that’s how it goes I’m not about to lose my life over a bike you know it’s not worth it meeting ash it was clear that he was a far cry from the moody pedrad as I remember it was a Friday night and I was following him to Ace Cafe a nostalgic mecca for all the old-school bikers on a motorway in Northwest London this was the warm-up hype before the big ride out on Sunday they just whizzed up the slider II I’ve literally never been so excited maybe I do like them more than I let on me and the boys back together again now I’m not riding with them to 8th oh no I’m not that’s a big stereo oh my god I thought wasn’t UK raise it up oh my god this is Mentos it’s obviously the place to be able to Friday night we provide the people are stopping by and they just like normal people trying to get home Superman I’m the owner it’s today rode in it I just punch up like school stuff yeah maybe I’ll ease get one am I in now stick it in the file when it hit participate about 16 what does that mean that’s that’s their world when I was 16 swag swag man what’s your flag what the green tape haha I just came up with the idea just you cave is greater than one then after the third one you promoted everything he blew up so if I give him props for that like it’s a lifestyle it takes over your lap so right you can’t look right it’s in our blood it’s what we do why are you two getting money that’s my favorite things right there I just what happened everyone gets two exciting eyes headlights have been mangled in it he’s one of the younger kids as well before yeah they used to be this every Friday and then next thing you know there would be like four vans belonged oh no everyone’s everyone what boy in the back foot why’d you put a puppy along today the Undercovers are gorgeous and something letters your houses the English struggle I’ll do whatever it takes to get my bar fight to the death what our police are everywhere in their cars and they see you they’re straight communication is it easier to get away if you’re in a bunch hundred percent get away from all day long I don’t wear a helmet I don’t what the number plates ring if I got my own back ain’t got another play on it I’ve got too much to lose what the police I’ve spent my first night at a CFO I was expecting that really nice chilled place where people throw a couple of wheelies but like when I turned up everything mental there were people all across the street it was so loud you have to shout it’s like a really bad night club and there was smoke everywhere and then too close to the road you’re gonna get hit after today I think give me my finger what the pub and I’m really looking forward to the ride out while stash was the pragmatic and organizational force behind the dynamic duo one will wavy was the fiery and unstoppable pinup of UK raise it up who claims to be able to wheelie forever at celeb amongst the scene with 5,000 fans on insta and followed by some of the most notorious 12 o’clock boys all the way over in Baltimore Bailey’s greatest ambition in life is to make money from bikes even talking of becoming a stunt rider in Hollywood wavy aka bossman aka the general wanted to show me where it all began on the estate he grew up on in North London when I started secondary school was it game over white life I was addicted where were you getting a back from that I did we just find them would acquire them off the streets what was like your main victim for that he’s our heart heart restore order Pisa to like the top floor everyone had hide here to back put up he got stairs come back darling we’re gone goodbye what’s your like history with the police I think they’re wankers are nothing nothing to say about me really but welcome there are number one hairs I can understand my night someone ain’t got control over their back and that and they’re wheeling down the road yeah maybe they might come off and hurt someone I don’t know there’s always gonna be then Scotty reckless riders on that way like where did you get the name one will wavy when I ride bikes I’m always on world definitely Neverland to yours why were you could wavy tons of wavy English so wavy guy but I’ve been following you on Instagram and you’re probably like one of the big names in the scene at the minute how did that come about the brand of one we’re lazy when you’re going hard people noticed in it I was doing my thing all the heads in that so I thought let’s make a video put on YouTube done that and the best way I went mad the right people knows me Baltimore black couple that’s the owner be and when you do get on a bike how does it make you feel free people say like up there doing it laughter I feel like I’m Aladdin awesome flame cut yeah yeah that’d be Justin yeah if you want wave he was the last person I expected to use a Disney analogy to describe how empowered he felt lost on a bike but he was definitely someone who had mastered his environment originally something to pass the time he now sees bikes as a way out of suburban life do you know anyone that’s been seriously hurt I’m like yeah a couple of close friends passed away injured themselves broken bones lost limbs I’ve seen other people crashing fight themself up does it put you off no don’t man when you win your friend passes away from riding you’ve got a ride for them for the Fallen riders with moped seen as a stepping stone wave he introduced me to some of the more experienced riders in UK bike life but now pass through on to bigger faster bikes but with more power comes more danger we met on a ride out and then he had a really bad accident was in a coma for 13 days blunt force trauma they said he broke everything off everything on my left side every bone anybody it’s got metal from here to here what hurts fuck it was it less getting on the bike and just riding feel more like I didn’t have that I reckon I would address myself to deficit be stupid do you ever worry about something like that happening again if I do come off now and was hard enough I’m dead and there’s no coming back to that I think girls are too scared and worried I might not with these guys are scary sometimes but then what cases I’ve seen some someone copying my swag this is five star riders we don’t say fast all right already don’t put no hash tag right there be what you’re 5 star rider you read anything everything goes up good black super black still bikes anything alright Matt listen this is what I do on my t-shirts yeah and this is a pair of scissors what I do of your t-shirts if you copy my designs okay violent now a novena it’s a five star riders keep your own swag to yourself yeah that little hashtag here was my design things on five star five star riders cutting up someone tisha over a hashtag seemed quite petty bike life is meant to be all about community but this is an example of inevitable boy politics that creep in went self-promotion get in the way of riding ultimately this beef was over a t-shirt design and a hashtag when I hear a group of young people speaking so passionately about something and for them it’s way more than just a bike something really noble about it and it’s really very magnetic but in reality when you see them zooming in and out of cars on a motorway it really highlights the double-edged sword of what black life is it was the day of the big rider we follow – to me the other Croydon riders before joining the masses at Ace Cafe Oh mental oh my god his feet is on the saddle on the main road please right there Roma then unscared the later oh my god there’s literally so many of them I’ve been sneaker is that where you got a zone let me see your eyes reason to sleep yeah you know you got a shower and we’re out for the midday these are all right you’re piling what do the women sing my husband what’s it feel like when you’re riding along all together we don’t boy we’re under standing in a sea of almost a hundred boys and tracksuit bottoms on a hot summer’s morning I started to realize just how important these events were to the people here everyone seemed to have a sleepy teen haze still looming over them from the night before but there was an energy in the air and everyone was excited to be riding out together so ash like the Pied Piper just rallied at the truth is like force animal where to go and now we’re about to leave for the big ride up like a hundred bikes they’re completely taken over the road this is mentor can barely keep are the police are right out there so they all tend to slow down at the back there touching their heads I guess that’s the police signal see in the gray and boring drew courage rate transformed by mob of bikers in Technicolor t-shirts I was buzzin it was a Sunday morning spectacle there was something almost quite majestic about it but as I was watching them dart in and out of traffic on one wheel it was clear that one wrong move and someone could get seriously hurt if not killed the ride out continued for over an hour until we reach the final location the wheelie spot miraculously everyone arrived in one piece now I need to find ash because I’ll be scared all on my own you were like Hyde piping you like gathered them all up and send them on their way how does it feel that everyone’s that made it here when you’ve got so many so many bikes you’ve covered everyone together let’s get more than once why it’s just a good feeling there was one accident on the way unfortunately due to unexperienced riders not being aware of their surroundings we ride in a group you look out for each other every question is not more than you got matted so only one crack there’s so many people here how does it feel when you’re all together family everyone comes together it doesn’t matter who you are it’s like a church and it’s a church on Sunday here find out Sunday this is a lot safer than what you’re you know see police every time I read it I say face sometimes when I’m do we I played chicken with other guys suddenly the vibe turned sour supermoto appeared with a bloody nose apparently something to do with a t-shirt quite an incident from the day before it was a shame that something as petty as Instagram beef had escalated to this level between eating alone but soon it was diffused by all the riders one common ending the police they’d arrived to shut it down and rumors were quickly spread in that there’d allegedly tried to hit a rider off his bike to avoid any further antagonism ash rounded up over a hundred riders and move the model welcome Ken’s words please go check it out just for some bike fucking for your one big tire look at this just for a couple bikes having some fun on the moment one two three four five there’s five release nausea that could be out touching a serious crime right now wait from time limited become an actual boom three a winter and boom books online and it’ll help is quite well at least but there’s no need if you have a weapon then maybe yeah but they just want to pick some they just want to use that but enough of this they’re just going to make a racks of it and when I take people flags everyone’s leaving now because he’s up showing off Monet that there’s no need for speed yet I can kind of understand why the police want to shut it down there was even two kids that had an accident on the way here but on the other hand seems like there’s a group of young people with so much energy and so much passion and they just want a place to feel together and there’s not really anywhere that they can do that well from being antisocial what I found was a club of Lost Boys searching for a bit of fantasy and escapism from an environment where both things are severely lacking yes it’s dangerous yes it’s irresponsible but their dedication to forming a lifestyle around a vehicle that sometimes people laugh at truly does reflect a classic British ability to make the best of what you have obsessions with recognition and online profile might not seem that impressive but for them it’s a glimmer of hope that they might be picked out of obscurity and flown over to join the American gods of idlife but even if they don’t they’ve created something that’s their own that reflects who they are and where they come from and it turns out after all these years there’s still something charming fun and a little bit edgy about boys on bikes member As found on Youtube
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