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Today we’re going to take a look at the Toe-rax removable wheel chock, with wood screws, for 6 and a half inch wide tires, made out of tubular steel for the black finish, part number TWSPWM, chrome, part number TWSPWC, or stainless steel, part number TWSPWS As you see here, our new Toe-rax motorcycle wheel chock fits our motorcycle wheel nicely The big advantage of having a wheel chock when tying down your bike, it’s going to keep your handlebars straighter from turning, so you don’t have a chance of your bike tipping over during transport It can fit up to a 6 and a half inch tire and it’s really going to stabilize the front end of your wheel when you strap your bike down And it features hardware to mount it to a wood floor 00:00:50.00,00:00:It is removable when not in use 00:00:60.00,00:01:You just undo the Philips head screws that come in the kit, just take your wheel chock slide it backwards, it lifts up, then you can go ahead and put that in your compartment You can either screw these in all the way, or you can just go ahead and thread them out and the inserts that come with the kit that you screwed these into are nice and flush here on your trailer floor

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