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The Moped Gangs of London: UK Bikelife

Some of the most amazing moped and scoot riding in London. Check it out here.

Align:start when I’m reading I’m just in my own world nothing has thought that people will be next to you saying I guess police there you’re just like me just in your zone and you just love it nothing matters forget about anything feel like your flight specially you’re standing on (more…)

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Suzuki Burgman 650 vs BMW C 650 GT | Scooter Battle

BMW C 650 GT versus Suzuki Burgman 650 – two grown up and impressive luxury scooter in direct comparison.

The Burgman 650 shows itself completely retreaded in a modern shell, but the typical features, which distinguish the big Burgman, are fortunately extant. The strengths are the powerful engine and the excellent gearing. Because of that the scooter can accelerate very good from zero on. By activating the power mode, the Burgman gets even more powerful. Even the sporty drivers will get their money’s worth.

Recently the Burgman 650 offers the option, to shift the gears manual, by shift paddles on the left side of the handlebar, so you can rev up the engine. If there is a weak spot, then it is the chassis. The convenient, comfortable designed suspension can cause, that the scooter grounds with the centre stand. But the scooter is never really unstable. A nice and practical feature (more…)

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How to Get a Motorcycle License

How to Get a Motorcycle License.

Here’s how to get what you need to safely and legally hit the road.

You will need Motorcycle Operator Manual and study guide Motorcycle learner’s permit

Motorcycle safety course Helmet, gloves, and over-the-ankle boots and on-cycle motorcycle skills test. (more…)

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Test Riding the Piaggio-MP3-500-Sport

This video is about someone trying out the  Piaggio MP3 500 LT motorscooter.

Piaggio MP3 500 USA

 This is his story.

We also have a friend who purchased this unusual motor scooter. We met him at a motorscooter rally in Arkansas with a group called Scoot The Ozarks.

Even though he could come up to a stop sign and stop and not put his fee down, he did have an incident where when he put his left foot down at the stop light his Piaggio tipped over because the road slanted to the left and (more…)

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First ever ride on a 50cc Scooter

Watching this guy ride for  his first time on a 50 cc scooter almost made us dizzy.

He was riding and video taping with a Go Pro camera on his helmet. Kind of fun to watch. Take a look at it just for the (more…)

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Motorcycle Repair : How to Check a Motorcycle Battery

Hello! This is Jerry Fishel with Vicious Cycles in Santa Clara, Utah.

What we want to go into this segment is about your motorscooter and motorcycle and other batteries; to check your battery

2. how to make sure it is charging correctly;

3. how to check your charging system in general.

4. We already cleaned the battery.

Now we have to check we have our volts. Set the volts, check our battery and make sure we have a good standing charge which we do have a good standing charge; anything over 12 is a good standing charge. (more…)

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New Forum Board Just Added – Sept 10, 2017

Sept. 10, 2017

With over 2,300 subscribers we finally have a Forum Board. We are still working on improving our site, but the Forum Board and the Event Calendar both were necessary for subscribers to add their input. Enjoy!

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I Started Riding A Motorscooter At Age 65. Passed State Test, But Didn’t Understand The Concept Of Countersteering Until Later…

August 16, 2017

I Started Riding A Motorscooter At Age 65. Passed State Test,  But Really Didn’t Understand The Concept Of Countersteering Until Later… 

Group motorscooter riding in Missouri

Riding in the mountains sometime later  counter steering finally made sense. Click here for a video of the concept of counter steering

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