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Motorscooter-Motorcycle Maintenance & Accessories : How Long Do Motorcycle Tires Last?

 How long do motorcycle tires last.

Depending on the type of bike and depending on the type of riding it certainly varies. On a sport bike like this, which you would have a soft compound tire. Under normal riding conditions you may get as few as five thousand miles, and the most of ten thousand miles. On a torin motorcycle or a cruiser style motorcycle, which you have a lot harder compound tire, on a lot less of aggressive riding style, you may get anywhere from a minimum of eight thousand all the way up to fifteen thousand miles. It certainly varies drastically depending on (more…)

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Suzuki Burgman 650 vs BMW C 650 GT | Scooter Battle

BMW C 650 GT versus Suzuki Burgman 650 – two grown up and impressive luxury scooter in direct comparison.

The Burgman 650 shows itself completely retreaded in a modern shell, but the typical features, which distinguish the big Burgman, are fortunately extant. The strengths are the powerful engine and the excellent gearing. Because of that the scooter can accelerate very good from zero on. By activating the power mode, the Burgman gets even more powerful. Even the sporty drivers will get their money’s worth.

Recently the Burgman 650 offers the option, to shift the gears manual, by shift paddles on the left side of the handlebar, so you can rev up the engine. If there is a weak spot, then it is the chassis. The convenient, comfortable designed suspension can cause, that the scooter grounds with the centre stand. But the scooter is never really unstable. A nice and practical feature (more…)

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First ever ride on a 50cc Scooter

Watching this guy ride for  his first time on a 50 cc scooter almost made us dizzy.

He was riding and video taping with a Go Pro camera on his helmet. Kind of fun to watch. Take a look at it just for the (more…)

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Motorcycle Tires – What You Really Need to Know – Video Guide: Tip of the Week

Welcome to this week’s Cruiser Customizing tip of the week where we’re going to be talking about tires. In general, tires are a mystery for the motorcycle consumer. We take our bikes to the shop and tell the shop people to put tires on. But what do we really need to know? So today we’re going to take a little of time, we’re going to explain what the “sidewall” means.

So here we have a Metzler 180/55 ZR18. The “180” is the tire width in millimeters. The “55” would be the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of this tire is the relationship of this tire’s cross-section height to the cross-section width. In this particular tire, with an aspect ratio of 55, for example, height is about 55% of the tire width. The next marking on the sidewall is the ZR. The Z tells you what speed the tire is rated at and the R simply means (more…)

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Motorcycle Seat Cover Install

In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to properly install a seat cover onto your motorcycle or ATV seat.

You’ll need a couple of standard tools such as a flat-blade screwdriver and a pair of pliers. It’s always a good idea to have a pair of safety glasses as well. You’ll also need a staple gun with some quarter inch staples.

We’ve found that both the mechanical and pneumatic staplers work for this job.

Obviously, (more…)

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Unique Motorcycle/Motorscooter Helmets

One-of-a-kind Bike Helmets For You

Searching for an uniqueness bike headgear could be really difficult. Such motorbike headgears could generally be located on motorbike headgear boutique that supply special style selections for the differentiating cyclist

Uniqueness bike safety helmets supply an extremely eye-catching enhancement to a cyclist’s getup. Whenever you wish to opt for a flight, make use of an uniqueness motorbike safety helmet to obtain on your own seen. Such headgears could make you popular to name a few serious motorbike motorcyclists in no time at all.

Prevent making use of


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Suzuki Is A Major Part of the Indian Two-Wheeler Iandscape

Oct. 17, 2017

Eyeing big The company has targeted sales of five lakh units by the end of this fiscal

At one level, it is hard to believe that Suzuki has been part of the Indian two-wheeler landscape since the early 1980s.  Click here.

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What A Difference A Gift From My Son Made – Handle Grips For Burgman 650 Made….

August 20, 2017

You know how it works…..My son encouraged me to purchase, at age 65, a 2003 Burgman 400. He said, ” Dad, you need another retirement hobby”. OK, I said. But with the purchase comes ideas of other things you might like to add as you learn to ride. One of the first things he suggested was changing to a different set of hand grips to make it less tiring on the hands on long rides. So, he started off with giving me my first new accessory. It was well worth it. Check it out.

This purchase was well worth it.  Click Here.  How to install Click Here

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