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Roar on the Shore Bike Rally (Erie, PA) | Allstate Motorcycle

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Motorscooters/Motorcycles – Some funny – Some Dangerous – Mostly Stupidity

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How to Get a Motorcycle License

How to Get a Motorcycle License.

Here’s how to get what you need to safely and legally hit the road.

You will need Motorcycle Operator Manual and study guide Motorcycle learner’s permit

Motorcycle safety course Helmet, gloves, and over-the-ankle boots and on-cycle motorcycle skills test. (more…)

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Kawasaki H2 Vs POLICE

With 4 million views on this I really wonder what this person was thinking. I wonder if the cops got a license plate photo or a roadblock?

I know that if someone like this passed me on the highway, in and out of traffic like that it would have scared the hibijibee’s out of me.

As found on Youtube

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Test Riding the Piaggio-MP3-500-Sport

This video is about someone trying out the  Piaggio MP3 500 LT motorscooter.

Piaggio MP3 500 USA

 This is his story.

We also have a friend who purchased this unusual motor scooter. We met him at a motorscooter rally in Arkansas with a group called Scoot The Ozarks.

Even though he could come up to a stop sign and stop and not put his fee down, he did have an incident where when he put his left foot down at the stop light his Piaggio tipped over because the road slanted to the left and (more…)

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First ever ride on a 50cc Scooter

Watching this guy ride for  his first time on a 50 cc scooter almost made us dizzy.

He was riding and video taping with a Go Pro camera on his helmet. Kind of fun to watch. Take a look at it just for the (more…)

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Unique Motorcycle/Motorscooter Helmets

One-of-a-kind Bike Helmets For You

Searching for an uniqueness bike headgear could be really difficult. Such motorbike headgears could generally be located on motorbike headgear boutique that supply special style selections for the differentiating cyclist

Uniqueness bike safety helmets supply an extremely eye-catching enhancement to a cyclist’s getup. Whenever you wish to opt for a flight, make use of an uniqueness motorbike safety helmet to obtain on your own seen. Such headgears could make you popular to name a few serious motorbike motorcyclists in no time at all.

Prevent making use of


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Suzuki Is A Major Part of the Indian Two-Wheeler Iandscape

Oct. 17, 2017

Eyeing big The company has targeted sales of five lakh units by the end of this fiscal

At one level, it is hard to believe that Suzuki has been part of the Indian two-wheeler landscape since the early 1980s.  Click here.

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Looking for storage of your Scoot or motorcycle for the winter – Mpls., MInnesota area

Oct. 11, 2017

in Minneapolis.

It’s not that far away. Snow, cold, icy roads. You know, a Minnesota winter. Though we certainly encourage you to ride for as long as weather permits, the time has come to think about winter storage. When you store your bike with Scooterville, your scooter will lovingly have gasoline stabilizer (Sta-bil 360) added, and the battery removed.   The battery will go on a rotation to be fully charged every week.  A regular oil and filter service, and multi-point inspection will be performed.  Scooterville will once again have the same rate of $300 for service and storage.

Storage dates are from now to April 15th.   We will begin accepting storage scooters today. Yes, we know it’s supposed to be sunny and 60 degrees tomorrowafternoon, but we’re just starting to take in winter storage scooters. Get out and enjoy these October riding days as much as you can, when you’re ready we’ll be here to tend to your machine over the winter.

Space is limited for storage, call 612-331-7266 to reserve your spot now.

Are you looking for winter storage of you motorscooter or motorcycle?  Check out these services …

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Women Who Like To Ride Motorcycles. Is It All About Independence Or Just Plain Fun!

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