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 How long do motorcycle tires last. Depending on the type of bike and depending on the type of riding it certainly varies. On a sport bike like this, which you would have a soft compound tire. Under normal riding conditions you may get as few as five thousand miles, and the most of ten thousand miles. On a torin motorcycle or a cruiser style motorcycle, which you have a lot harder compound tire, on a lot less of aggressive riding style, you may get anywhere from a minimum of eight thousand all the way up to fifteen thousand miles. It certainly varies drastically depending on  the rider weight, what type of cargo you’re carrying, and of course if you keep the proper tire pressure and proper maintenance on a motorcycle all extend the life of your tires. There’s a few things to look for on a motorcycle tire, this here is a used motorcycle tire, and obviously it’s well worn. Something that you want to take a look for is as I run my hand over this tire, this particular tire is what you call a scout. And that has it’s raised and lowered in certain areas, and has very uneven wear characteristics. This could be anything from not keeping your tire properly inflated to riding on a lot of uneven road surfaces. Right here I’m actually touching with what they call a tread wear indicator. And this is something that you can look at on your tires at home. And as you can see here it is level with the tire surface, which lets you know that this tire needs to be replaced, and it’s well beyond the worn spec. On this brand new tire here, you can see quite the difference between the two. This has obviously fresh tread, and if you look here these here is where the new tread wear indicator is and you can see it’s well buried in the tread depth. Minimal tread depth you would want to have on your motorcycle would be two thirty seconds, and you’d want to take that measurement from the center of the tire. But of course if your tread wear indicators are visible and level with the tire they need to be changed.. As found on Youtube Looking for motorcycle and motorscooter tires
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