Motorcycle & Motorscooter Rules And Regulations In European Countries

July 23, 2017

Motorcycle & Motorscooter Rules And Regulations In European Countries…

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Top 10 Selling Scooters In India In June 2017

July 23, 2017

top 10 selling scooters

The competition in the two-wheelers market in India is still led by motorcycles, although scooters are slowly making a comeback. WoW! Look at a video of motorscooter traffic in India. 

No “Thank You”

Prefer wide open spaces in America.


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Women Motorcycle Tours Blog …. Fun Read!

July 19, 2017

Womens Motorcycle Tours

Thought you might be interested in reading this Women On Motorcycle Tours Blog

77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Names Jessi Combs Mayor’s Ride Grand Marshal Known as the Fastest Woman on Four-Wheels, who also likes her motorcycles, Jessi Combs has been named as this year´s Grand Marshal for the 15th Annual Sturgis Mayor’s Ride scheduled to take place on Monday, August 7, 2017. Get to know your Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Grand

This is just one of the articles included; Click here

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Women’s Motorcycle Tours – How About Motorscooter Tours For Women

July 18, 2017

We found this site and thought it was an interesting article about Women Motorcycle Tours and the history behind it. Check it out here. Very interesting. 

Women tour of Cuba.

JULY Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route

  • Destination: ,
  • Duration: 8 days

  • Departs: 07/23/2017

  • Arrives: 07/30/2017

  • Price: $2,999

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Suzuki accused of selling motorcycle with defective braking system

July 17, 2017

Suzuki accused of selling motorcycle with defective braking system

A legal representative is suing a car manufacturer and dealer, citing alleged negligence and civil conspiracy Click Here for the story from a October 2013 accident

Lots of questions such as;

  1. How old was the motorcycle
  2. How many miles had the accident victim ridden the motorcycle
  3. Was this a common program that Suzuki was aware of
  4. Did they do anything to correct the problem if there was one


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Follow this Yamaha Tmax Motorscooter Site If You Are A Tmax Rider

July 17, 2017

Follow this Yamaha Tmax Motorscooter Site If You Are A Tmax Rider. 

Yamaha has introduced the 2017 model update for the TMAX end of last month in South Africa. Click here.

This is a Internet Connected bike. Check this out here.

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Seniors on Scooters think of themselves as family

July 16, 2017

Seniors On Scooters line up in front of Carver’s Family Restaurant, Richmond, Ind., each Thursday at 8 a.m

Can anyone in the Richmond, Ind. area find out if this Seniors On Scooters group is still active.  Click here to read the article.



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I Had To Look Up Where Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada Was For This Rally.

July 15, 2017

Map of Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada

The main event for the weekend is the July 15 Veteran’s Ride to raise money for Soldier On, a program that supports currently-serving members and veterans to overcome physical or mental health illness or injury through physical activity and sport. Click here and read on.

If you are also looking for directions, check out our GPS’s here.

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Police arrest 3 in motor scooter thefts

July 15, 2017

Imagine being a teenage in the USA and close to graduating from high school, you would think, and you got nothing to do but steal people’s motorscooters. Now you have a felony on your record. How stupid is that. 

Map of Dorchester, Boston, MA

Boston police arrested Dorchester teenagers for driving a stolen red motor scooter through Roxbury, still holding bolt cutters he allegedly used to steal a scooter. Click here to read the rest of the story.

Here are some ideas or tips for securing your motorscooters.

Find all the wheel locks available on the market here.


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Suzuki Let’s Scooter With Dual Tone Colours Launched

July 7, 2017


. The 110 cc scooter is now available in three new options comprising Royal Blue/Matte Black (BNU), Orange/Matte Black (GTW) and Glass Sparkle Black (YVB), and are intended to provide a fresh new look to the scooter. Click here for story.


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